How To: Add Subtitles to your PS3 Movies


Ang Panday:
I was suprised that my PS3 didn’t have .srt file support for .avi/.m2ts/.wmv files directly out of the box. In the past, with my previous media centers, I have always had similar issues where I had to “hardcode” subs over the film, a process that took 25-30 minutes. I was initially devastated that this would be the same situation once again until I came across a program called AVIAddSubX. What AVIAddSubX does is converts your .avi file to a .divx file, a format that works by default with the PS3. It adds an actual subtitle track to the .avi file in less than 2 minutes. Here is a short step-by-step walkthrough regarding how to do this yourself.

# Download a program called AVIAddXSubs v9.3 from afterdawn
# Extract the AVIAddXSub folder to wherever you choose and run AVIAddXSubs.exe.
# Click the second tab in the AVIAddXSubs v9.3 window titled “Configuration 1″.
# Change the “Language Code” option to whatever language the subtitles you are adding are.
# Select whatever font you prefer (I stuck with default Verdana)
# Select an appropriate font size and color for your TV (I used 18 font size and a light yellow for the color).
# Select NTSC under “Subtitle Bitmap”.
# When you are done with the “Configuration 1″ tab it should look similar to this. You’ll only have to do steps 2 and 4-8 once

# Next you’ll want to go back to the “Create XSUB or Idx/Sub” tab.
# This next step is very important, you need to make sure that your subtitle file and .avi file have the same name (except for extensions) and are located in the same folder. Just like this:

    * In the “Create XSUB or Idx/Sub” tab click the “…” button next to the blank space for the   “File Name(s) (.avi or .srt or .idx). Or Folder(s)” section.
    * Select your .avi file you wish to add subtitles to.
    * Select your output folder.
    * Click start, wait anywhere from 30sec->120seconds depending on the length and size of the file, the text window will display a confirmation when the subtitles are done being added.
    * Load the file through your PS3 media center and hit triangle when it begins to play, scroll over to subtitle options and activate the new subtitles you just added!

If you have any problems finding subtitles for your video files check out sites like SubScene or SubtitleSeeker.

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